What is the situation of corona virus epidemic in other Asian countries including India?


  • About a year ago to start taking over the world Corona virus The epidemic has caused the most devastation in Europe and American countries during this period and with the arrival of winter, cases have started increasing again in these countries.

    At the same time, Asian countries are less affected than these countries, although cases are also increasing here.

    Let us then tell you about the epidemic situation in Asian countries today.

  • Most daily cases are coming in India
  • Among Asian countries, India still has the highest number of new cases. However, in the past days, the number of daily cases here has decreased by half and where earlier more than 95,000 new cases were coming up, now this figure has reached around 45,000.

    Daily deaths have also fallen from a high of 1,100 to between 400-500. The recovery rate has been over 93 percent.

  • Cases rising again in Pakistan and Bangladesh, fear of second wave

  • Talking about the neighboring countries of India, the cases have started increasing again in Pakistan and more than 2,000 new cases are coming here since last three days. At present the number of active cases in the country is 26,538, while there are 7,141 deaths.

    Bangladesh is also registering an increase in daily cases and currently about 2,000 new cases are being reported daily.

    A second wave is being feared in both these countries.

  • The situation under control in China

  • The situation in China, which gave the world the “gift” of the corona virus, is under control and eight new cases were reported on Sunday which were less than 13 the previous day. After getting corona in freezed food from outside, testing has been increased here.

  • Pressure to declare health emergency increasing in Japan

  • In March-April, the epidemic started successfully in controlling the wave Japan A record 1,722 new cases were reported on Saturday. The country’s capital, Tokyo, has seen around 400 new cases in recent days, the highest since the beginning of August.

    Due to this rising level of infection, the government is under increasing pressure to declare a health emergency again and it is also expected to affect the economic recovery.

  • South Korea

    More than 200 cases coming from South Korea in three days

  • Living in global headlines to overcome the first wave of the epidemic well South Korea New cases are also increasing in the state and on Monday, 200 new cases were reported here for the third consecutive day.

    The country’s Health Minister Park Niung-hoo says that the country is still in a fragile mode and conditions are taking dangerous forms.

    According to the news, the country’s government is considering tightening the rules of social distancing.

  • Indonesia and Taiwan

    5, .444 new cases surfaced in Indonesia, external cases increased in Taiwan

  • Countries with the highest number of infections in South Asian countries Indonesia The pace of infection has started increasing once again. The pace of infection in the country had slowed in recent weeks, but now it is seeing a boom again and on Friday, 5,444 new cases were reported here.

    On the other hand, in Taiwan, which has managed to completely overcome the epidemic, rules can be tightened after the increase in external affairs.

  • Global status

    Record new cases are coming out globally

  • Talking about the whole world, the corona virus epidemic has started increasing at a global level and on Saturday, 6,60,905 new cases of infection were reported in the whole world, so far Most in a day Huh.

    There has also been an increase in deaths and more than 9,500 deaths have been occurring since last three days.

    The US and European countries are mainly responsible for this increase, where record new cases are coming.

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