Work from home: These problems can be caused by working in bed

  • Lockdown Due to this, during work from home, many people stay in bed with their laptops for hours. In such a situation, neck, eye and back pain problems are common.

    According to medical experts, it is not at all appropriate to sit in bed while working on a laptop, because it has a negative effect on the spine including the muscles of the body.

    Let us know what kind of problems you may face by doing such work.

  • There may be a problem of slip disk

  • Working on the bed can cause slip disk problems.

    To support the bones of the spine, it has a small padded disc which keeps the spine flexible. But when this disc is damaged, it breaks or swells, which is called a slip disk.

    In addition to difficulty in walking with this problem, there is also a problem of pain or numbness in the feet.

  • Painful neck problems

  • If you have been working on the laptop while sitting in bed for hours, then due to this you may have problems like neck pain and stiffness.

    In such a situation, you should choose a place where you can sit upright and your laptop is right in front of your eyes.

    Also be sure to do neck stretching on a regular basis, as this keeps the neck flexible and you can avoid common neck problems.

  • By doing this you can become a victim of insomnia

  • You can also suffer from insomnia by working in bed.

    Psychologist Charlotte Armitage Metro Was told in an interview that when a person sits in bed and works, it becomes difficult to switch his mind between work and sleep.

    So choose a place where you can sit right for your office work. At the same time, use the bed only for sleeping.

  • sitting position

    Working on laptop like this can be safe in bed

    Working on a laptop like this can be safe in bed
  • 1) If you are required to work by sitting in bed, then make sure to sit upright.

    2) Keep the laptop high in such a way that your head and laptop are parallel and you should not read bending your neck.

    3) After this try to keep your feet straight or knees can bend slightly.

    4) Also you can set the brightness and contrast of the screen of your laptop, this can protect your eyes.

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