Zubin Choudhary: A small-town boy making his mark in the Showbiz industry

“If you have to achieve something! Don’t just dream of it, work for it”. This is what Zubin Choudhary has to say about his struggles and musical journey so far. Zubin, who is also a professionally qualified Chartered Accountant, was always keen and dedicated towards his passion, which ultimately laid his foundation as an artist.

Zubin’s debut album ‘Nazar’ made his fans crazy about his singing and his charming looks. His next hits – ‘Harley Wala Jatt’ and ‘Anjaan’ immensely increased his fan base and nurtured him to make a mark in the industry.

Hailing from a small town (Jammu), Zubin began his professional career as a model. He is also a certified fitness trainer and feels that fitness role models play an important role in creating a positive impact on the youth.

The journey of this charming singer and a fitness freak in personal life hasn’t been easy so far. In his own words, Zubin says ” I don’t have any industry background or any Godfather behind me. My journey from a small-town boy to an artist working in the Showbiz industry though has been quite exciting but the struggle is still on.”

His songs have continued to receive audience’s love and he is working on many more Chartbusters lined up next.

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